Gettin’ Sketchy In the style of Janet Fish

I’m slow posting this but I did it along with Matt on Wednesday and kept up. I used my lowly set of 12 markers so didn’t have a lot of the colours and tones. For example no greys in my set so I used red. I’m not unhappy with the result. I’d love to see what others managed on this one.
If Matt keeps using markers I may have to break down and buy a bigger set. Are any of the inexpensive brands worth while?


This is great! Wonderful job.

Hi Teresa -
This is great, especially when you did it live with Matt. I’m going to pass on this one. I have no markers and there are other things higher on my list of wanted art supplies (like Rembrandt pastels - I only have 10 half sticks and am craving a whole set, but too expensive).
Terri Robichon

Since I finally got markers and I’m still getting used to them I gave this a try too.


Your glass looks so realistic! What kind of markers and what size of set did you get? I’m thinking I might break down and get a bigger set.

I got a set of Ohuhu markers direct from the company. They ship either from Germany to the rest of Europe or from a US warehouse. I got the chissel tip, but in hindsight probably should have got the brush tip. the set of 60 cost around €40.

I also did along with Matt. I wasn’t going to post but…here it is