Gettin Sketchy - Pineapple with markers

Here is my pineapple! I forgot to leave the white areas! But overall happy with what I managed to create. Can’t wait to see what others did


A very fun and vibrant color palette choice! :smile:

I did it with NuPastel and skipped the background, though I smudged it when going to spray with fixative so I might scribble in some background to hide the smudges now.

Did in under 20 minutes, rush job. Tried doing the scales with the same contours crossing for round as Ashley but of course, didn’t work out so good. No markers and even a set of 24 is kind of insane expensive. Options were pastels or watercolor and didn’t feel like cleanup so pastels were the winner.

Should have spent a lot more time outlining the slices (leaves) in crown, it looks better when not zoomed it, at a distance of, oh, 10 feet. Dimensions are about 3.5x7 for area on 6"x9" sketchpad paper not designed for pastels which kind of increased the mess on it.

Could have made it much better by spending another 20 minutes with a Q-tip smoothing the colors and defining the slices in crown but wasn’t really in mood, hence slap dash nature of the image.


Between The Cafe and this one I broke down and ordered some no name alcohol markers from Amazon that have great reviews (The Shuttle Art ones). I’m just hoping they don’t streak and bleed like mad if I use regular drawing paper instead of marker specific stuff.

I mostly have drawing pads for pen/charcoal/pencil general sketchbooks then cold press watercolor and hot press multimedia watercolor along with the greys and tans and blacks used in various lessons. Shouldn’t go too far incompatible (that I can’t hide with some other medium)

My sketchy pineapple. I laugh at it sometimes and like it sometimes and am glad I did it every time. LOL! It looks like it belongs in a Mardi Gras celebration. AND it’s a little flat on that right side. It was fun, though, and that’s what counts.

I used water-based ink brush pens rather than markers just to play with them.

I think your hot-pressed watercolor paper would behave similarly to the Bristol Smooth. My markers and the brush pens behaved very nicely on the Bristol Smooth which is what I used for the pineapple. I believe that’s what Ashley used? I used hot-pressed watercolor paper recently for something, and I really liked the way it worked quite well. I buy small glued pads of hot-pressed paper which is really convenient and doesn’t have to be taped down if you don’t want to.


nice! I love the bright colors. I only have the water based markers and I just can’t justify buying more supplies. I love my tombow markers so I use them and am usually happy with the results.

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I did this with some cheap watercolor markers and used them as regular markers. I miss a broadtip and left lots of uneven areas and whitespace.

I’m going to miss Getting Sketchy being gone for a month or two. Now I don’t know what I’ll do on Wed Nights.

That’s really nice! I had no idea, prior to being involved with TVI, that different types of markers made different types of marks! LOL! A marker is a marker is a marker, right? :smiley:


There is a wide gap in them. I have the cheap Oahu set of watercolor markers which stay wet long enough to let you dart in with a watercolor brush and move around a bit, but not that much. They’re more like the Tombow water based markers with the brush tips.

The alcohol markers I like with paper that I don’t get the streaking on overlaps, and not sure which brands do that, for now I started with King Art from Blick which work good and am now waiting on some “shuttle art” alcohol markers from Amazon which are a fraction of the cost and I’m guessing the quality. The full set of the King Art is way out of my range, I’m happy with just the 24 pack of greys which have very warm/tan warm, neutral, grey, and cool grey (blue), 4 to 6 of each line (warm/cool/neutral/cool/cold) and work wonderfully at $2/marker + shipping. I’ll let you know if the shuttle art cheap Chinese ones (40¢/Marker) work anywhere as good.