My one and only ink drawing

Hi Maki,

I wanna say quick iv been watching some of the links you sent me and you’re so right. Placing, shadows, the meaning, structure, gradients… he talks about everything! It’s so good :blush:
Your drawings are amazing and really inspiring!

I’ve also been thinking on what you said about the “what to draw” subject. I think u really gave me something to think about. Woman and water…
iv been brainstorming some great ideas I can work out later. I think next couple months I won’t have too much time to work any of them out because I leave soon on vacation and then my wife comes to live with me from Thailand. So it’s a little bad timing at the moment and besides some random sketches I don’t think I’ll create a lot significant. But I’ll definitely be thinking about ideas to draw later on and I might be able to sketch some in the meantime :blush:

Thank you for giving me all these helpful tips :blush:
I might have missed some points you talked about and I will get back to you. Had a little time so thought I reply quick.

-SlippyPaints :orange_heart:

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