New fixative for pastel worth trying?

Hi to all you pastel lovers; In Holland Clairefontaine is advertising with a new fixative called Revolution. It should be safe, not changing the colors, more the effect of "freezing"the work,
Has anyone used this already and how well is it liked?

I’ve not heard of it here in California. How do you like it?

Waiting for somebody else to try it, not excited about using fixative of any kind, so I wonder if this would be a good product, Greetings, Albertine

AZHolland, I have not used this particular brand of fixative. I will have to try to find it and try some on my pastels.

Albertine, I always uses a fixative on my pastels to keep them from dropping color off the page or being transferred to the glass, using a mat that separates the drawing away from the glass. I don’t know what brand it is, but I like it and it does not change the colors. I stand back and spray left to right, top to bottom with thin layers between them. I never use it to end up making it a different color (being too wet from the spray).
Lenora “ArtistLittleNora”

Thank you, I would love to know the brand

I use a ‘workable’ fixative on my pastels. It is made by KRYLON. It is used to protect pencil, pastel, and chalk drawings. It prevents smudging and wrinkling. Allows easy rework and is Acid-free/archival safe. I lightly spray left to right. let it dry and spray it top to bottom. Then I ‘might’ use a permanent fixative. I don’t know how long ago this can was purchased but at that time it was about $8 a can.

I realized that if I don’t use a fixative between layers I will have more dust on me than on the paper. I have not heard of that name brand fixative. Usually, I buy my fixatives when they go ‘on sale’. I don’t live near a place to buy my art supplies and they are about 30 miles away.

Also if you use a fixative (or spray paint) to keep them from clogging up, turn the can over and spray out a little (when it blows invisible) and they won’t dry up, Learned that from my house painter husband. It is easy to just set it down and when you go to use it, it is dried up.