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Hello everybody. I’m Joyce. I’m new to art and currently learning graphite, coloured pencil and watercolour. Have been a member since October last year and have been learning art from Matt’s video instructions. The lessons are clear and easy to understand. Thanks Matt. Nice to meet everyone here.


Hi Joyce,
welcome to the community,
hope to see some of your artwork soon. I started in June and really learned a lot from Matt, also to go on, not to lose faith and just enjoy,
Albertine from Holland

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Hi Albertine,

Nice to meet you. :grinning: Indeed we shall not lose faith and keep enjoy learning. May we develop our artistic skills as we progress.

Joyce from Malaysia

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Hello Joyce,

Welcome to the community. I am new too. I really enjoy Matt’s lessons well. I am basically self taught and with all of Matt’s courses and live lessons, critiques etc. I am learning so many things how to refine and improve my skills.

Nice to meet you!