Pen and ink parrot

I am reluctant to add more leaves to this drawing - looking up at the parrot of course means that there would be leaves all over the background, but is the composition better off with all the negative space? or should the top right, especialy, be more occupied with leaves of the type already in place on the left of the bird?


I like the composition the way it is. The leaves on the left and bottom give me enough context to know it is sitting in a tree. I think the parrot may not be so prominent if you add leaves all around.

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It looks perfect the way it is. I love it

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I really like it. The leaves make the picture of the parrot almost like it is a Japanese painting. The parrot being the subject of the leaves to make them fade away and not take anything away from the parrot. Good Job! Have you thought about a wash of color?

Thanks for your reply. The drawing is pen and ink because i was doing an exercise. The leaves are watercolour- thank you for the Japanese allusion; i should like to cultivate that! As for a colour wash - nup did not consider it. Not sure how to address that idea. I rather think, as a result of the collected feedback that I shall declare it done.

I love this picture! Great job on the details.