Practice goes on

I tried drawing the whole cat body today.
From today’s practice, I learned that:
A: I can draw the whole body precisely enough using a ballpoint pen and about 15cm square paper without trouble. I was wondering if I might need to use a larger paper but looks like this paper size is good enough for drawing the whole body.
B: Most of excellent cat drawings are with a pencil or colored pencils. These mediums are excellent for expressing mid tone and I suspected that the same thing would not be possible with a ballpoint pen. BUT it looks like it is!

But I realise I am facing a new challenge here.
There are some different types of tabby cats. How can I express them separately in monochrome???

Well, the study goes on…


Keep up the good work. Practice and study pays off.

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Thank you, Denise! That’s true :cat:

Great question Maki. Sorry I can’t help, although, I am interested in the answer! I’m a coward when it comes to INK.


Hi Judy, thank you for your comment :cat:
I’ve been working on a grey kitten for some days and looks like I can figure out how to draw a ginger tabby and silver tabby separately. I have to draw tons of lines for a cat with darker color which I find a bit exhausting, but it is fun to see the cat’s presence getting more and more substantial.
I will share the grey kitten result once complete :cat::cat::cat:

Thank you, Maki. Looking forward to the final result.