Black cat with a ballpoint pen

I was in two minds whether or not I should use a bolder pen for the wide pure black part of the body but I firstly tried drawing everything with a 0.7mm ballpoint pen. Looking at some monochrome photos of a black cat, the big black part looks pretty flat so it might be okay to use a bolder pen in my drawings. But I’m still in two minds…


I just want to put my hand out and stock him…or her!

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Thank you for your comment Louisa, it’s actually “her”. :cat:
Can you tell me what “stock somebody” means?
I know the word “stock” but I’ve never seen this usage of the word before.
So I checked the dictionary but I did not find any other meaning I already know.

Oh typo, I meant stroke. She is lovely.

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I really like how she looks so attentive, and the way you captured the ridge of hair bristled on the top of her back, I can feel the tension.

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Hi Christine, thank you so much for your comment. My goodness, how keen your observation is! She is indeed being very nervous, because the model of this cat was rescued when she was 8 weeks old, until when she did not have a chance to be socialized and accustomed to people at all. A cat rescue guy made all the efforts possible to socialize her to be ready for adoption and created a video recording her progress. I used one of the scenes in the video to practice cats drawing, where she showed a very cautious attitude towards a human’s hand. Her name is Franny, very beautiful and cute kitten when rescued, who is actually a tabby cat. I turned it into black for a practice purpose.
You can see how Franny looks like in real life in this video. I find it very touching.

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Your welcome! Thank you for the story and the video!