Back of cat’s head series

Crazy cat people are all around the world and there are many, many popular YouTube channels dealing with cat videos. Recently I found somebody commenting on a cat video that he was a huge fan of back of cat’s head and many other viewers agreeing with him. Once I read the comment, I realised that I myself was one of them.
Hence this stupid series of pen drawings of back of cat’s head. More stupidly, they have been compiled as a postcard-driftwood décor for my upcoming exhibition at a local restaurant.
Hope you like them…no way? I don’t know lol


Very cute. Love them all.

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I think they are fantastic Maki, not stupid at all to draw these!!! It’s a very creative approach! I have three cats and three dogs and now you’ve got me curious! I’m going to study the back of those little critter’s heads lol! :slight_smile:

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hey Maki

i think it’s great that you are doing something with your art! I think the furs are very well done…reminds me of when i did telemarketing long ago and would draw lines all day lol But, for me…i miss the eyes and expressions…There are sooo many animal lovers and most commonly, the cat and dog. This is a huge market…Good luck!

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Thank you Denise! :wink:

Thank you for your kind words, Rain. So you’re surrounded by so many fur babies…that makes me very, very jealous :star_struck: Hope you will be able to take some time to do some portrait drawings for your cats & dogs :slight_smile:

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Hi Isabel, thank you for your comment :slight_smile:
I have shared some cats drawings with eyes and expressions before.
Cute? kitten in a babywear
Cat cat cat…practice really works
Calico cat & butterfly
Black cat with a ballpoint pen

Yes, I am aware of that particular market, but I think the most popular art items in the market is hyper-realistic portrait type of paintings/drawings. I may go into that path in the future but right now my purpose is to establish the style for my new animated film, where many, many cats will be starring :slight_smile:

I am very lucky! I’ve already done portraits in charcoal of three of them, I am working on the fourth now!

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These pieces of artwork are seriously cute and beautiful. Personally loved the composition of two cats in opposite directions. Just in sync :smiley: :hugs: :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand: :+1: :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, Debojyoti, I’m really glad you like these works! :slight_smile: