Ginger cat and dog pastel practice

Today’s practice I followed Matt’s tutorial for the cat in the pastel animals course, yesterday Willie the dog. To mix it up a bit a did a ginger rather than Tabby cat.
I’m not sure how to get the background less dirty looking? although happier with the cat I finished today. All good practice. Ive used white canson mi teints on smooth side, pan pastels, sticks and pencils.


They look great! The fine lines you pulled out for the fur and whiskers is a great job!

The only thing I’d suggest as a critic is to even out the background around the dog’s head. It’s like he has a “dark halo” sort of aura in the background dark like a shadow of a contour of his head. That should be easy to smudge together yet. I don’t see any problem with the cat or background, or the dogs head.

I’m eager to learn enough to get this level of detail out of pastels. I smudge it all together with hands since I don’t have an easel and … well, lazy. I keep forgetting the tissue or drawing glove to not smear. Anyway, you did an amazing job on both of these, even if it was following a tutorial!

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Both of them are great. Love them both

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I agree that you did a great job on both. Also, on the cat the eyes really pop! Gorgeous green eyes!

Nice work.


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They both look great! I like how you did your backgrounds and LOVE the eyes on the cat. I’m not brave enough to get into the pastels so congratulations on that!

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One more comment/question - I see that you have a date on them but where is your signature? I really struggle with putting my signature on my work (because I don’t like it and I never know where to put it). I’ve started dating the back of my pieces and including the medium(s) used along with what paper I used for future reference.

These are practice pieces so I haven’t signed them. That’s a great idea to put notes on the back for future reference.

@Sooz AMAZING!!! they are boyh beautiful! Great job!

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