Cats in pastel after first lessonn

After first lesson I tried my daughters cat


That is after your First Lesson?

Woww I’m blown away with your accuracy and skill AZ.

I’m also a little curious about the differences between the two. did you redraw the same cat, same pose two times? are they both done with the same pastels and the same technique?

I think the image at the left was shows more value a slightly better form and more accurate facial features; yet the image on the right does a very convincing job of suggesting fur and I really like the way vibrant colors have been blended in.

congrats and well done!

Thank you so much for your comments and compliment. The cat at the left is a picture.
I tried pastel several times, more landscapes, but now with Corona I have the time and the medium seems to like me just as I Ikea pastel. I am going to look for your work. All the best, Albertine

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That is sooo very good. Loveit👍🏻

Gr8 work first time…

Thank you, it helps me to get some confidence

Thank you so much, I will try to fint you work

Yes, as someone else said…Wow! Your first time!