Cat in soft past on homemade paper

This was my first ever attempt using soft pastel and pastel pencils and my first furry animal…Well I had to make the paper with clear gesso and used cheap pastels, but iam happy with the end product.


I would also be very happy if I had done this! I’m intrigued as to why you made your own paper - and how you did it.

This is lovely, what a beautiful job you did! I just love the fur it looks so real and the eyes are beautiful.

Hi Mike, I had no money to buy pastel paper, but i had watercolour paper and clear gesso. So I just brushed clear gesso over the watercolour paper mixed with a bit of acrilic paint to give a bit of a dark tint and then after dried I sanded it lightly just to get a more smooth surface. The tooth is not very consistent, but it worked.

thank you for your kind words

What a clever idea and I doubt anyone will be able to tell.

I cannot have a cat because I am allergic to them, I like cats and would hang this in my house because it says to me “oh you just want to hold me and cuddle me don’t you.?” very good job.

This is beautiful. I love it. Great job.

I have cats; I love cats and this one just says: come and get me, I’m adorable. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful portrait of a kitten. You did an amazing job with the fur. The eye (and the reflection) is particularly well done.


Thank you Mike. You know, same here, Iam allergic, but I love cats! This one belongs to a dear family of friends. His name is Ziggy.

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you, yes he is a very cuddly looking kitten…too bad iam allergic to cats…:unamused:

Love the cat picture, you making your own paper sounds like a great ideal substitute. I use white gesso on all my canvases. Sometimes I should not, then I sand it down.


Beautifully done, especially the eye.