Sea Turtle in pastel

I had such fun drawing this little guy. I got the reference photo off of Pixabay. I drew this for my granddaughter. I thought the position of this turtle was telling her, he wanted to play too! I used pencils on the turtle, Rembrandt soft pastels on background with a few pencils. Paper is Pastelmat.


This is absolutely wonderful!!! I love how you captured the coral and how it fades into the background and the turtle is magnificent!! Well done!!

Thank you so much, Breezy.

Very nice! I am especially impressed with the sea floor. The Turtle is absolutely beautiful.

Thank you very much, Ruby!

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Well, she will definitely love it. Good job.

Thank you, Denise. Her mom suggested it. So I am hoping. We got her other stuff too, just in case!

Beautifully done! The turtle really comes alive in this artwork.

I love pencil and admire how you handled the floor bed as well as the little wisp of surface you added at the top. Turtle colors are spot on! Very nice job

Thank you Candace and Jody, I really appreciate the comments.

Can only imagine your grand-daughter’s smiling face when she gets this artwork. :gift_heart:

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This is absolutely beautiful

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Thank you Valerie. Her birthday is Tuesday. Will be fun to hear how she likes it. She’s turning 7, so maybe she wont! But her mom said she loves sea turtles.

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Thank you Lenora, I appreciate your comment!