Some of my friends❤️...and also a ghost...🤷🏼‍♀️

Just started painting some of my friend groups and they actually are kinda cute…I love my friends😘


So creative!!! Please keep sharing your work, because it encourages me (and others) to do the same and to keep on going!

What surface are you using!? I love it.


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Great idea. Love them.

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@Brenda thank you! That really encouraged me! I definately will! I used a cardboard box​:joy::joy::joy: it was just sitting there, looking a little sad so i decided to make it a little more cherry.:blush: thank you again!

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I love the minimalist approach to their faces! The ghost is also very cute. Lovely work.

@a.scarf.and.tea thank you​:blush: i really appriciate your encouragement and am glad that other people are enjoying my art! Faceless art is a blast, you should give it a go! I would love to see it!:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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I love your creativity of using found objects like cardboard boxes to create artwork!

Thank you very much @Emily :blush::blush: