Still life with graphite

Hello everyone,
This is my first time posting something on the forum.I always wanted to do so but for some reason I never found the time to do so, until now. For this drawing I used a reference photo, the reference photo from “gettin sketchy live” season 2 episode 3. Although I didn’t put a time limit on myself, I just tried to draw the subject as realistic as I could. I also did not use any blending stumps to make the challenge even greater.

I hope you like the result. And if you have any tips or criticism, pease let me know. I can always improve.


Hello Corrado! I love what you did with this. I had to go look at the original Gettin’ sketchy reference to get a sense of what you were dealing with. You did a fantastic job on the reflection and on the values. I think you controlled the application of graphite really well and were successful with the shadows. I am not sure whether it is an illusion from the photograph, but it seems that the tall vase is a little bit off near the lid/neck. Only one constructive criticism for future drawing: be careful of your contour lines - some of them are a little too intense (tall vase, small reflection on the left). This detracts from your really good shading. Still, it remains a well executed drawing. I like the vignette effect. Thanks for sharing this!