Supplies for drawing

Hey! I purchased a couple of courses - 25 days to better drawing and the secrets of drawing. What I’m looking for is the list of supplies that I’ll need. Where can I find it? I want to dive straight in and without proper preparation that’s not possible.

Hello Brigita, in the membership program, each course contains a materials tab where you should be able to see materials needed for that lesson. Also there is a resources tab that will have the drawing reference photo if one is included for the lesson. I’m not sure if the layout is the same on individually purchased courses, but would think it is similar. Just open the individual lesson and a link or tab for materials should be found just below description. Hope this helps.

Good luck.


Thank you for your reply! I’ve got the courses on udemy and I can’t find the supply list. I also have a coloured pencil course and that doesn’t seem to have supply list too. Christmas is coming and Santa could bring all I need if I would just know what it is… Any chance you could copy paste it for me?

Hello Brigita,

For the 25 days to better drawing you will need

In lesson one Matt will go over the materials he will use. Some are graphite pencils, kneaded eraser, maybe a ruler for the grid technique, of course, drawing paper, I cannot remember, but you could take a look at that lesson to get a more exact list,

For the colored pencil course, also the first lesson will give you a list of materials he will use.

As you get into the lessons each one will have a specific list and reference photo. You can skim through the lessons and look at each one’s material list ahead of watching them and print out all the resource pictures.

For example, in lesson two of the colored pencil course the materials are Prismacolor pencils, Bristol paper, mi-tientes paper. You will find these are used in the majority of this course.

Under curriculum you can find this information for each lesson. Once you figure it out you will see how all the courses work.

I purchase the majority of my materials at Blick Art Materials or on Amazon.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Hello @Brigita it would be a little difficult to do each of them as the materials vary based on the lessons. The color pencil course, leeson 1 is an introduction and lists all the materials that will be used throughout the course. 25 secrets to better drawing and secrets to drawing courses touch on different types of media and mediums. Therefore, the ink lesson would use pen and ink and color course could use color pencils, pastels etc. The begining of each video will generally give a list for that lesson. You may want to preview them (2 or 3 minutes) of each to get the lists needed. I have inculded a screen shot that may help you find the materials list after clicking on the lesson itself. Hope this helps some.