Uploading my Artwork

Hi all,
I am really bad at understanding computers… can someone explain the correct method of uploading my artwork in ‘Share your Art’

When you are creating a post, there is an icon in the tool bar along the top of the box that you are typing in. The seventh icon is for uploading pictures. Click on it and “choose” a picture to upload from your computer. I would make sure it is the right size before uploading. I do not remember, right off hand, what size that is, but I think Matt has posted an info post about it.

Hi Estelle and Ginny,

Yes, the guidelines for posting can be found here…About the Share Your Art category

Just click on the link in this post. It will automatically create a new topic for your art. Create a title and click on the small icon that looks like a landscape (a little mountain with a sun). Choose the file from your computer and upload it.

Thank you Matt for this reply. I had problems understanding how to import my artwork. I was finally successful, but, I still don’t feel comfortable.