Can't post my art?

Hey everyone,
I cant figure out how to upload pics of my art taken on my tablet to this forum. Does anyone else use a tablet to post? Thank you!

Did you create this thread from your tablet? Can you see a icon that looks like :framed_picture: when replying or creating a post?

Yes, I did. I honestly have no clue whats wrong with it. Ive yapped the icon like a billion times but nothing happens.:disappointed:
Maybe its just this tablet, idk.
Ty though!:slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe itll decide to work sometime…:person_shrugging:

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Have you tried switching to desktop mode in your browser? :thinking:

No. This tablet only has a few things “downloaded”. Im nkt sure how i would do that, but ty!

Depending on your browser, if you go under “options”(sometimes located in the upper left or right corner), there is a checkbox to switch to desktop mode. :computer: