What does Matt mean to use the @ sign? How?

I painted this for a former HS friend in his Army Dress. All he asked for was that it was ‘spot on’. So I had to ask him to send his bars because some of them did not show up on the Internet. He sent them to me and I put them in a Ziplock bag. It was really hard. If he was happy then I was also happy. He even paid for it before I showed it to him. If he was happy, then so was I. I had to pull all but 3 bristles out of one of my sable brushes to get the bar correct because the bars had 64 threads to them. I might be able to post the picture, if I can find it on my computer.

One question I have is what does Matt means about the @ sign, is he talking about adding the @ sign before I sign the post, like @lilnora or @ArtistLittleNora and that sort of thing? So others can see my paintings/drawings and get a response to them? I am not sure how to submit a painting/drawing to get responses to them, but I rarely get a response to some of the things I have painted/drawn.