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Matt, I noticed that you have taped your pastel paper to a surface. What is that surface, is it slightly tilted and can I use the drawing board I used for drawing in school? Any info would be appreciated. The drawing board is a large one that ould be used with an easel.
Thanks. Reba

Hi all,
I have decide to go digital, so I am going to try to use the computer as my medium. I have Photoshop CC, and ArtRage. I love the way that Matt did the Photoshop Cc Course. I will be doing the cutting, pasteing and post processing in Photoshop, and the actual drawing and painting on ArtRage.
I got a kick out of the oil paint brushes on ArtRage. I was just playing around and when I the brush into another color, the color that I was using last was still on the brush, making it really easy to blend. But when I cleaned the brush, it made a water sound like I was washing my brush. I had to laugh, because it made me think of Bob Ross and his happy little trees.
I just bought a Walcom Graphics tablet. It came with Corel Painter, but I’m not ready to take on another program yet.

I thought that it would feel weird to be drawing on a board and watching it on the computer monitor, but it doesn’t. I really like it.
I would love to know if anyone else is doing Matt’s lessons digitally.


I have a question on finding a weekly lesson that I received a couple months ago and seem to have accidently deleted. It was called Easy Line & Wash Lesson for Beginners. I completed the ink drawing and can’t find the lesson now that I want to complete the wash. Can you help?