25 days to better drawing - bell pepper

Ugh, I had a rough time with this one, and I still think it looks too flat and have no idea why?
The picture didn’t appeal to me much, even though I love to eat them, just not black and white. Also I’m not much of a botanical artist. I love my technical pens and am gradually learning to use them properly for inking. My 0.2 ran out so I substituted with an almost empty 0.5 and 0.3. (I really need new ones, so this can be one reason for the flatness)
Addendum: Thought process
I wanted the cross hatching for the imperfections, I also didn’t want to go too dark, bc I feel the drawing is pretty “agitated” with all the lines.


I think you’ve done just fine. You’ll be amazed, as you move forward in this course, at the changes as your skills get stronger. :blush: Here’s my pepper. I got so tired of hatching and cross-hatching. They are some of my favorite things now. I stopped hatching before the lesson ended. I actually like the effect you achieved with the pepper looking glossy.

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Thank you for sharing! Your lines are better coordinated. I was scared of going too dark with all the hatching and it’s all a mess, I like yours better! I have none whatsoever patience and coordination. I think I will try the lizard man live lesson to battle this, once I’ve got new pens. The glossiness might just be the bad photo :laughing:
I did some quick face sketches and I already see an improvement no arguing there! I love these pens I will definitely stick with hatching and inking… I love the courses, the bell pepper is actually the first exercise I hated, though. Really struggled to get it done and properly.

You did a great job. I love it.

I love your use of texture. It is very interesting to look at all of your angles! An excellent example of the true art of interpretation.

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It came out really great! You even applied line weight, where the lines are thicker in the back, creating depth! I look forward to more of your work! :smile: :clap: :bell_pepper: