Airplane ears supremacy

I once talked about how much I love cats’ airplane-ears in this topic…this new one has also been drawn for the same reason.
Then the next cat-art will definitely be “airplane-ears ultimatum”.

【10 Dec update】
Here is “airplane ears ultimatum”.
These two are parts of my next larger drawing where these two airplane-eared kittens are competing with one another. This must be a very funny drawing!


Our “Tuxedo” cat has ears that stand up until he comes in the house and tries to hide, then his ears go flat, When he thinks you have stopped looking for him, they pop up again and he sits like he is ‘King’ on top of the bed in our son’s room. He is a bit claustrophobic and does not like the door to the room closed. But, that is another way to get him out of the house. I love cats but can only have one at a time. He is a hunter but still stays around the house unless he is down at our son’s house trying to pick a fight with one of their cats.

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Hi Lenora, thank you so much for letting me know about your cute “Tuxedo” cat💕
Cats’ behaviors are all so intriguing and full of funniness and mystery. I do love looking at every single move that cats make including the incessant changes of their cute triangle ears! :cat2:

Now I am going to ‘try’ to draw/paint my JRT/RT mix. She is totally white so I am not sure how to go about that. Thinking maybe using a black or toned paper. If I tried using the same medium on Mr. Tux, I would only show very little white for him. I do have a picture of him with his tail sticking straight up and the end curled around and looking at our former dog as if he was going to come up behind her and give her a nice ‘dough-pop’ to the back of her head.

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