My cat was a bit upset at the empty bowls. Oil pastel drawing

An oil pastel drawing of my cat. I enjoy using oil pastels and am really enjoying Matt’s new Oil Pastel course,


Cute picture. Our Tuxedo cat would expect to have a little cat food in her bowl as often as we left or came home every day. He’d get pretty upset if we did not feed him very time. He was a very heavy cat - about 20 lbs.


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I know that look. It’s kind of a mix between the cat’s entitled look and the dog begging. Only a cat can achieve this look! Nice job.


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She looks upset. Like well, how come the bowls are empty. Very well done. Love it.

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:grinning: Yes, he was very upset. I actually have three cats but he’s the ring leader when it comes to letting my know it’s meal time.

On the subject of drawing with oil pastels getting a lot of detail can be tricky at least for me. It has helped me to loosen up some though so that’s good.

Thanks for the commens. :+1: