Attenborough portrait drawing

A tribute to David Attenborough, a living legend, who I really look up to. He is an inspiration to millions around the world; a true warrior for our planet. His ways of revealing his urgency to save our planet through various outstanding, and shocking documentaries have opened all our eyes!


Wonderful Drawing. Great job.

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Done very beautifully. I love doing portraits, just have not done any lately. Your execution of it looking like a work in progress by showing the shirt but the face is very detailed. I like that. Your focus is the man’s face. I don’t know if you plan on doing his shirt. I don’t think it would add anything to it.

Lenora - ArtistLittleNora (or lilnora)


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No, the point is to make his face stand out, and having just the outlines for the rest! Thanks for the compliment!

A great likeness! I really love the way the shirt is simple lines. Makes his face really stand out. You’ve done a wonderful job.