My dad... with some instruction



Portrait drawings are probably the most difficult subjects of art there are to evaluate. The head tilt, along with the facial features appear to be in alignment along with the glasses:+1:. Great job with the glasses:+1::+1:. (That’s a big problem for me - reflection from the glass) I think it is so rewarding when you can draw members of your family! A very nice portrait.

Thank you … I always take pictures of my progress so I can see where I need to improve … contrast is my friend and nemesis

What a great portrait of your father.

Thank you for your kindness

Good job. My opinion on portraits is that it is a wildly successful work of art if it is easily recognizable as the person your are drawing/painting.

Finally pleased with my dad’s portrait


This was the picture I followed

You definitely captured him. Good detail on the reflections on his glasses and the texture of his shirt

Great job. This painting is so lively and beautiful.

Very nice. What a treasure for your family- to immortalize you dad!