Charcoal sketch of my Dad in his Workshop

After completing the live lesson of the charcoal tool man, I came across a photo of my dad in his workshop. He passed 14 years ago. I was thinking of giving this to my mom for her 99th birthday. I find it very stressful to gift art and would appreciate any comments!

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Looks very nice, and I’m sure your mom would appreciate it!


You did a wonderful job! You even did well with the foreshortening, something I really struggle with. You also did a great job with the shirt, the creases, and the pattern in it.

You may want to darken the corners of the background to bring more attention to your father working. I think you did a great job with the details of the tools, your fathers’ hands, etc.

I imagine your mother would be touched with such a warm, thoughtful drawing and memory of your father.

thanks for sharing,