Drawings of Turkey

I did this one for my son after he remarked that ‘only real artists could draw in pencils’. This was in colored pencil and graphite and I told him " I guess this meant that I was now a real artist, although very rusty’. This was also drawn under his nose. When he came into the house I would put it aside and cover it. I was happy that it was also a Christmas ‘gift’ for him. Most of what I have done are things I ‘gift’ to my family. I have been commissioned twice. One of a portrait of an HS friend in his Army Dress and he wanted it to ‘be spot on’. Talk about being hard - it was! He even paid me before laying eyes on it. If he was satisfied - I was satisfied. Next picture of a soldier, I will charge them more - LOL!!! The other a portrait of our neighbors’ dog so they would have something to remember her by. She had passed away earlier in the year.!(upload://265vv47fgr5mhZ7QtG76IAQ6J4G.jpeg)

Lenora a/k/a ‘lilnora’ a/k/a ‘ArtistLittleNora’


Great work. Thanks for your efforts on this.

Thank you, Cojax73. I enjoyed proving to my son that I am the ‘real artist’ he claimed I couldn’t be because he had never seen me draw in pencil. HAHAHA! The joke is on him. He was surprised at Christmas.