Christmas Presents

Made a couple of Christmas presents and wanted to share :blush: since I couldn’t post them on social media to avoid the intended recipients from seeing them.


Very beautiful art pieces of wildlife! The wings on the butterfly and bird are amazing! Awesome Christmas presents @Migster ! :christmas_tree: :gift:

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Great Job. Love it They are all very beautiful.

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They look very presentable! What media was used with the cardinal or are these printouts from a digital drawing? Either way it looks good.

Only nitpicking suggestion would be signature on butterfly, have it a bit more subdued so eye isn’t drawn to that instead of the butterfly first. With the cardinal, it’s nicely blended in yet very legible.

If it’s digital, it’s an easy fix, if it’s not, it’s just fine where it is as that’s barely an issue to start withe, just a lot of contrast area grabs my eye first.

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Thank you! You are right on both counts :blush: I agree there’s too much contrast around the signature for the butterfly and they are printouts of digital drawings.

For the Cardinal, I printed it out on watercolor paper and I really like the texture of it. The only negative is that it doesn’t have as much contrast as I would like.

I could easily fix the signature on the butterfly, but I’m actually working on another drawing for the intended recipient of the butterfly :grin:

I’m drawing their dogs, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate much more than the butterfly. The more I’m drawing regularly, the more comfortable I’m getting with the process and I’m confident I’ll get it done in time for Christmas.


I love this, it’s beautiful!

It feels great to be able to give something this unique as a Christmas gift :blush:

I’ve only been drawing regularly for about a month ( not having drawing for approximately 10 years) and I’m happy with the progress I’m making. I wish I had gotten back into sooner. Lots more friends would have been getting this kinds of presents if I had :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I mailed this off to my dad this morning. It’s his favorite light.



I’m calling this one done for now. These are Lucky and Chance, my brother-in-law’s dogs. He will be getting a print of this instead of the butterfly. I suspect he’ll appreciate it much more :blush:


I’m sure he will love it!

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These are beautiful. I love the cardinal, I might have to try one next year, it is my daughter’s favourite bird.
I drew this for my daughter, street scene from Quebec city, where we had a holiday together this past summer.


I’d love to receive this Christmas picture, it’s very well done.


I myself would feel very fortunate to be able to do a drawing such as the Butterfly not all people have a artistic eye and would only see your signature it’s Beautiful there’s always a Birthday :face_with_peeking_eye: Good Job.

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I went to Quebec City many years ago. Your drawing nicely captures some of scenes I remember most vividly!

Where is the signature of the dog picture. Make sure you sign it. I painted a picture of flowers for my Mother-in-law, she loved it. It was the first time I had painted flowers. I don’t know why I did not sign it, but didn’t. She had it framed and how it was done would not have ever been my choice, but I have ‘champaigh’ tastes on a ‘beer’ pocketbook. I sort of expected to get it after she died. However my husband daughter took it. Pissed me off when she would not send it to me so I could sign it. But, I would have reframed it if she had. We’ve been estranged from her for the past 16 years with no apparent way to repair it. The last attempt was this past October and still she won’t send it even with a return envelope and request that she send the letter back to indicate she has no desire to send it back to me. So it’s been 2 months, I am just trying to accept that my husband is estranged from her. We have a grandchild that we have not seen since she was a year old. Oh well, as they say '‘c’est la vie’ (That would be my signature if she had returned it to me (if I had sent it back). :rofl:

I just looked at this butterfly photo again. I now see half of an angry gangster man’s face right behind butterfly, bottom of flower outline the frown. Brow canted down diagonal, half of a nose and creases leading up to lips scorning. Looks more pronounced in the photo of the print.

Pareodila or something maybe, a Manga scowl hidden in cross hatching dark areas. Though if it was intended he could have been given a nostril I suppose.

Thank you. My daughter really liked her gift!

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Love your little dogs, such expressive faces.


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Beautiful work! Also the backgrounds are both really nice! :heart:

Beautiful. You certainly captured their personality.

Lenora Andre

beautiful detail the recipients of these gifts will be very grateful of your gift of such fine art.