Cardinal Headshot/New member introduction

Hello fellow artists! :relaxed:
I’m a new member and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Miguel and I live in South Jersey. I’ve had an interest in drawing and other visual arts for my entire life (turning 42 in a few days) but have never stuck with it consistently enough to develope my skill to the point I’d like them to be. In any case, having recently discovered Getting Sketchy, I was inspired to try again and this time I have a feeling I will be sticking with it.

This is my first completed piece since getting back into drawing about a month ago. I was inspired by the colored pencils bird drawing course. Though I prefer to work digitally, I approached it as if I was working with colored pencils ( as much as I could). I’m happy with the final result, even though I still see a lot of problems with it :laughing:



Welcome to the Virtual Instructor.

I personally really enjoy drawing and painting birds. You did a real nice job on the feathers, though I have never drawn digitally.

I believe that if we are ever completely satisfied with our work then there is no room for improvement and why continue. Like you said you are pleased but there are things to improve on. For me, this keeps me going.

Again welcome to the Virtual instructor. When you get a chance, take a look at some of the weekly critiques. I have learned so much watching them, I went back and have watched nearly all of them. Also, the live lessons are great fun, and we can work alongside Matt or Ashley on a specific project in specific mediums.


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Welcome @Migster , the cardinal piece is stunning :scream: as @TLP pointed out, the feathers are AWESOME, and I also love the complementary color choice of green for the background, nice! It’s so cool to welcome another digital artist to this forum! Jesus loves you!!!

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All it takes is motivation and wanting to do it. I congratulate you in getting into you art endeavors. Great Job. Love it. Welcome to Virtual Instructor.

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