Rhino Live Lesson competed

I just finished an older live lesson. The Rhino with Graphite and White Charcoal was very challenging, but thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Think I will make a print to frame for myself and give the original to my brother in remembrance of our father who passed away last year. It was his favorite animal and he had the spirit of a Rhino in life.


Wonderful!! The drawing and the sentiment.


Thank you Brenda. The gift for my brother is mainly due to the fact he was the one taking care od my Dad during his last weeks. I was 800 miles away.

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Beautiful! And what a touching tribute

Thank you @junenez I appreciate the comments.

This is excellent. I’ll have to take a look at this lesson.

Terri Robichon

Thanks Terri. It was definitely a challenge. Matt had it done in 9 lessons with some homework. I spent about 13 hours on it. Just so you have an idea of time if you try it. If you do, would love to see your version.

I’m pretty sure I’ll do it, but not until this winter. I have four other things started that I need to finish first. Never enough time.

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This is great! Wonderful job.

Thank you Denise. Appreciate the comments.

Wow! Great job! So detailed. I really like it.

Thank you Kimi. It was an exercise in patience for sure.

Lovely detail in your work…this must have taken a lot of time and patience.

Thank you ReetPetite. Lots of patience and about 13 hours. Going through the lesson, you do develop somewhat of a pattern for developing the texture. Then it is not so intimidating. It was fun watching it develope.

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So glad you enjoyed your journey whilst drawing it….I often can’t believe how time flies when I’m in the zone doing my artwork.

Warm wishes.


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Marvelous drawing, worthy of Albrecht Durer! How nice to have such a reminder of your dad.

Thank you matriarchJane39. I hope he appreciates the sentiment as much as I enjoyed working on this one.


That is a wonderful drawing