Mountain Man, Tom Oar

I’m following up with a pencil graphite of another hero craftsman, Tom Oar.


This is striking. What a gentle face.

Nice. . .I love the emotion on his face

Thank you, Margaret. He’s one of my favorites. These guys are very special.

Thanks, Peter. Your thoughts are appreciated.

I agree, I am new and like going through piece posted before I joined. You really captured the kindness in his expression.
I hope to be able to do an even halfway decent portrait one day. I have always been afraid of them.


Teri, thanks for the comment. I’m sure you will do just fine. There is tons of info here. I began slowly in the Shading and Lighting lessons. Once I got a slight grasp on those concepts I started with trying to capture a facial image from a magazine or photo. I experimented with The Grid Technique and still use it now and then. It is so exacting. Then I began to learn about tools like the Proportional Divider Drawing Tool for Artists and rulers. Lord, I measure and try to check everything. With a divider, you can shrink or enlarge a subject at will. Like the size of an eye or the distance from the hairline to the chin and all points in between. However, I admit that sometimes I just don’t know enough to exactly duplicate an effect. At that point, it’s my artistic flair or artist perception. I started learning the techniques used in Photo Realism about 4 months ago and got hung up on life stuff. I’ll probably spend another 2 years learning as much as I can on that subject. To get the most out of drawing you can’t rush it. I’m still in my infancy and I’ve drawn EVERY night for 2 years. I get more done just sitting in bed when all is quiet and peaceful. Most nights I spend 4-5 hours practicing by using portraits and photos for reference material ie; cowboys, horses, mountain men. Unfortunately, I’m in a dry spell as of late but intend to share more of my attempts later.
Hope this reply helps you along your journey.

Jeff, Thank you for so much useful information. I really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork!