Cowboy in graphite

I started drawing a year ago as a result of the pandemic and more time to explore new things. I’ve learned a lot from from Matt and this website. This is my most ambitious drawing to date. It is graphite on Strathmore tan-toned paper. I drew it freehand using a photo reference. I may add sky/clouds to the background. I haven’t decided.


Great job. I love it.

Very good, almost looks life like. the shadow under the hat is very good. the sketch made me wonder what was he doing driving cattle, or riding back from town, or wondering what that is just a head? I like it very good job.

The more you draw the better you get. This looks really good and great detail. :+1:

Thanks for the encouragement, Ruby.

Lol, nothing so authentically western. In the reference photo he was using earphones, listening to music or maybe talking on his iPhone.

Thanks, Denise. I appreciate it.

Beautiful picture. I think putting a ‘few’ clouds will give it some depth. Then maybe work on the dark places. You’ve done an excellent drawing.

Wonderful drawing. You certainly captured the character of this cowboy. If you do add clouds, they should be very subtle shadings. You don’t want to distract from this drawing.

I probably will add a hint of clouds. I agree. They need to be subtle shadings and not distract from the cowboy and his horse. Thanks for commenting.

I probably will add a hint of clouds. They need to be subtle, maybe just a hint of clouds, and not distract from the cowboy and his horse. I appreciate the affirmation.

Great freehand drawing👍