Motorcycling in the Rain

my latest:

I started keeping track of my Hours during this drawing. it went past 6hours. I’m thinking “good” might be close to doubledigit hours (~10) for a drawing of this size and complexity.

my wife rightly pointed out that some darkening in the glass background would be closer to the reference image. While I agree;
i think I botched the foreground water enough that further detail in the back might flatten the image and I don’t want to do that.

besides; the image is good ish enough to stand with my other drawings and there are other interesting ideas/images I wish to explore.

but hopefully; I’ll incrementally find myself spending more time on each drawing.

PS. the background is full of lettering; much of it in an alphabet I’m not familiar with. Hindu, maybe? anyways, a fun thing getting a tiny bit of calligraphy in my art. also true is that this was the fun time I’ve ever attempted a motorbike.

very challenging! and rather fun… I enjoyed it. more “message” art.


I love this. I think it is great.

I think the lighter background suggest bright store lights

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Very nice! I don’t think you botched the water in the foreground.

I’m not sure about darkening the store windows—less contrast helps the viewer understand that those objects are further back in space. I like the shop windows in the left side the best because you suggested the detail instead of over working it.

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there’s always some uncertainty about when to call a drawing “done” isn’t there?

I think though, for me, personally… its ok just to stop call it good enough and move onto the next one. I’m still very much in a learning phase of drawing and moving onto the next image is getting a new lesson.

(while adknowledging that spending more time on each picture means less rushing to finish the current image. going slow and getting things more accurate. darker contrast, better texture, more clarity-- the struggle is REAL)

Good job. Well done.

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I had seen that photograph on Pixabay. I love the subject matter.
The characters you see on the pharmacy seem to be in Cambodian (I am fairly certain that it isn’t Hindi)

Great job.