Climbing and Running

Rain has finally fallen- my garden is so Happy!

2 drawings this week

I’m working on trying to get some of the darker detail in my drawings.

I think the running one might be one of my better drawings.

I liked that… when I got a place on friday night that looked plausable. I put it away and On saturday darkened it much more.

Definitely improved it.

I’ve noticed how some of you spend so much time on final steps making subtle improvements… and I think I’m getting the vague idea how to start doing that.

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I really like these drawings! They immediately register they way you intend. I agree that it was a good call to darken the values—I can see where you went pretty dark and those areas look nice.

I like with the runner, you need a bit more contrast between her body and the background. Either by darkening the background or darkening her figure. You could also just add more detail to her body as a way of making her stand out more. That being said, I think both of these are really successful, complete compositions.

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I like your imagination and I like both the drawings.

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