Cowboy boots, hat and rope in graphite

This drawing was started as a companion to another piece I did (Cowboy in graphite). This 9x12 image was drawn freehand using General’s Kimberly graphite pencils on Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper with a photo reference as a guide. For me it was a study in textures. The hat, the wood paneling, the leather boots, the metal pieces, the rope, the fabric around the hat, the flooring … they are all different and quite a challenge to draw. I wanted to see if I could figure out how to do it! The elements were lit from multiple sources creating a challenge when it came to getting the shadows and highlights somewhat right. Regrettably, the photo doesn’t reflect the richness and subtleties of the actual drawing, but it is a good likeness.


Very good, I like it, very nice arrangement. Keep up the good work.

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This is great. Love it.

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Thanks for viewing my drawing and for the encouraging words .

Thanks, Denise. I appreciate it.

I like the tone you have in this drawing, it’s almost like an old sepia photo. For me, you have achieved all you set out to do - and more.

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The composition of this drawing is nice, and I love the details of the wood. You’ve done a great job in grasping the different materials. It is a great drawing.

Thank you, Mike. As a photographer who prefers black and white photos, graphite is the perfect medium for me.

Thanks. I appreciate the affirmation. Interestingly, the wood just kind of emerged as I developed it. It was actually the easiest part of the drawing to develop.

This is really good! I would love to see it in color, but it’s great as is.
Thanks for posting.

Thanks Cohax. I think it would good in sepia toned colors as well.

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Really good shading! Love the contrast.