1st time showing my work

not sure if I did this right if so hope you like it


It is really good, is this in charcoal? I think you might want to try putting in some darker shadows. to make it pop more. Maybe add another medium to do this ā€¦ like a hard charcoal stick or maybe a colored pastel pencil. You really did a great job with this difficult subject.


This is great. I love it.

Thank you so much. No its not charcoal its graphite. I just started drawing before covet hit so about a year and a half now. thanks for the input. Larry

Thank you Iā€™m so glad you like it.

I really like this! I love goats. :slight_smile: The horns are very well done, especially the right one! I find the highlights and texture really pop on it, if that makes sense?

Thanks glad you like it