Trying Charcoals

Hi Everyone,
Here is my 7th charcoal drawing, I started about a month ago. I’ve never drawn anything before and didn’t think I should ever try. But I gained confidence and I think I’ve figured it out!

But honestly, if there is critique, PLEASE feel free. I’m new to this but want to learn more. I found a photograph of a caribou on a royalty free site and drew it. I had a lot of fun and want to continue with this medium.

Rain :cloud_with_rain: :slight_smile:


Well, you did beautifully, Rain, for being so new at it. I am impressed. You may want to submit it to the Member’s Minute for a nice thorough critique from Matt. I’m glad you enjoyed drawing it. Good job.

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Thanks for your nice words and support. I don’t know that I’m ready for Matt’s critique! I’m a little afraid lol…but I need to step out of my comfort zone some time…maybe I’ll submit it! Thanks for the advice!

It comes out so beautifully. I love the texture of the background. Great job.

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Thank you! ! I tried to make the background just as important as the subject!

Heeyy…you did good…

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Thank you IsiAConti :slight_smile:

Being new it, it turned out wonderful!.

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Thank you Denise!! :slight_smile:

Impressive… practice… practice… keep the medium you choose in your grasp everyday… impressive work

Beautiful work. I think the medium was a great choice.