Chimp in graphite and charcoal

I saw a photo of a chimp with an expressive face and couldn’t resist drawing it in graphite (just messing around). Inspired by Matt’s charcoal course I tried another in charcoal (first time using charcoal). As the course progresses I’m sure my technique will as well.




Really cute and well done - Lenora Andre

Very well done! It really is amazing how different mediums produce different results! I hope we see more from you @drtomb ! Jesus loves you!!!

You’ve really captured the face and eyes. I always think artwork yields good results like this when you have an empathy for your subject. Funny enough I did similar in ink with a gorilla I saw!:slight_smile:

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I love that!! I haven’t ventured much into pen and ink. I really admire those, like yourself, who do it well.

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Super fun, I love how expressive the face is! I’m impressed at how different the two mediums turn out. I have been drawing in graphite for a little while and would like to try charcoal but am nervous of the mess of it :upside_down_face:
Well done!

I decided to try white charcoal on black paper this afternoon. I still have trouble with getting the proportions right (the base isn’t quite the right size) but my sketching is getting better.

I chose this picture from Pixabay as it had nice clear contrasts between the white and black with some subtle highlights thrown in to make is a little more challenging. I am really enjoying working with the white on black background. It is making me look at things a little differently. :nerd_face: