Reverse Drawing?

Hello Everyone, I have not posted for a long time, but enjoyed doing this project and liked the results. I took a cream colored paper and applied charcoal to it. Accidentally putting too much on, but it was a positive mistake. I then used just erasers to create the drawing. Once I had down what I wanted, I finished with white charcoal to make the white pop. I guess this is a drawing equivalent of scratchboard art. :wink: It took about 3 hours. The paper is some old 83 lb. Canson Chiffon-Rag (9 1/2" x 12 5/8"). The reference was found on Pixabay. I hope you like it.


It’s always fun to try unusual approaches to drawing. Thanks for sharing your artwork. Very nice.

Terri Robichon

Hi Terri,
It’s fun to try new ideas, either on our own or through Matt and Ashley’s help. I am amazed at variety of examples provided by everyone. I just wish I had more time and the ability to organize my project time better. I want to do too many things. :smile:


Hello Ken, I like working with charcoal in the traditional sense of vine & compressed. I have not tried this method yet, looks fun & challenging. I like it. Thank you for sharing.

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Very well done. Love it.

Very well done. I love it. The shading to great.

Thank you Jim. This didn’t go as originally planned but I am happy with the end result. I’m glad I let it run its course.

Thank you Denise! This site is great for feedback and encouragement. I see you and Terri (and others) commenting often and always giving helpful critiques and feedback. Much appreciated!

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Hi Ken. @Ken_H

You should check out the new live lesson that just started this last Wednesday (yesterday). I’m not sure if Matt posted lesson 1 yet, but it should be ready for viewing soon. Anyway, it is a graphite landscape. It was started by “painting” graphite powder on the paper and then manipulating that. I bet you’d like it.

Terri Robichon

Thank you. I am glad I was helpful to you

I usually attend both the Gettin Sketchy and live lessons, but the past few weeks I haven’t been able to. I look forward to the next season of Gettin Sketchy. Unfortunately I will be traveling next Wednesday and will again miss the live lesson. I’ll try to watch the recording and catch up though. Thank you for pointing me to this lesson, it sounds like another good one. Ken

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@Ken_H Hello Ken,

Glad to see you back at the forum. I am on and off and miss a lot of posts but am very glad to see yours.

I think you did a nice job. This is not an easy subject, so I think your rendering is wonderful. Like Denise I think you did a nice job with the shadows.

I really like it when I am working on a project, and it seems all has gone wrong and pressing through it turns out better than expected.

I look forward to seeing more of your artwork in the future.


Hi Teri,

Thank you for your comments. The original image has a dark background around the cub’s head, but it is light everywhere else. I thought I could add charcoal in a similar manner, but it didn’t go as planned so I just put charcoal over the whole page. As I erased, I liked what I was seeing and kept going. It was a lesson in letting the process play out.

Sharing here was an easy decision since everyone is so supportive and helpful with feedback and critiques. Thank you for always being active on the site.

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That looks great Ken! Never would of thought to do it that way.

Thank you! It was a ‘Happy accident’. :smile: