Horses in graphite

This was one of the most relaxing drawings I have done. I am so grateful that I can sit at my drawing table and get so focussed into a picture, that I can fade away for a while each day. I saw this picture in a free reference group on Facebook. Candi Foltz shared the picture. I just thought it would look good in graphite. So wanted to try.


Great Job. I love it.

Thank you very much, Denise

That is so subtle and soft Lori. I love the contrast between the horses and the tack. Really great job! :grinning::+1:

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Thank you James, I appreciate your comments.

so often I read about values being too light and when i do graphite
i tend to keep making values darker and darker going over work I thought I had finished. . Here the values are soft and it works beautifully. A really nice work. I’m enjoying looking at this. tom

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You’ve done a lovely drawing of these two horses in harness. Well done.

Thank you Tom,

The horses were a light color and I wanted to portray that in my picture, so always had that in my thoughts. I did have places where I had filled the tooth and couldn’t go darker, one of those things you can’t fix, but hope you remember for the next drawing. I learned many things while working on this and want to do another one so I can practice what I learned.

Thank you too, Debra.

So very nice Lori. It would be a little difficult to distinguish this at first glance from a photo of these horses with a snowy background. Excellent work!

Thank you very much, Jack

You are most welcome. You are a very good artist! I appreciate your patience in getting the piece done correctly.


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Great work. Horses are not easy subjects to draw . I love horses, which makes me appreciate your drawing even more😊

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I like these horses. I agree, great job on the tack.

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