Silent Memories Graphite

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Excellent - reminds me of the countryside where I was brought up. Love this, really nice detail.

what a great graphite drawing! Its is positively awesome!

I like many pictures on here (everyone is very talented) but this is almost EXACTLY the kind of drawings I would like to get the ability to do.

I can’t help but wonder; the clouds almost appear wet… did you somehow use a wet technique… uh like “water soluble graphite”

I’ve barely heard of that and might be worth some investigation.

anyways; I really LOVE the minute detail. in my last critique with Matt; it was mentioned as one of the big things that would improve my drawing; and Wow

your drawing has an absolutely Gorgeous amount of detail !; from the rocks to the fence to the barn to the grass.

I’m very impressed.

I really enjoy looking at this. Reminds me of the feeling before a big storm.

The detail and texture of the fence gate and stone lovely.

I think you could work a bit more in differentiating between the background and middle ground—maybe make some of the details hazier as they move away in space.

really nice pencil work ,love the subject. like where the gate is placed.
Im betting Matt would like the composition. tom

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Thank you! For the clouds, I used a blending stump to make them look smooth.
To encourage you in your endeavors, when I do a drawing, I focus in on small areas. The more time I spend on that area the more my eyes see details which I try to capture.

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Thank you for your comments. I completely agree with you that I could grow in showing space.

This is great! I love it!

I enjoy seeing graphite drawings. Look forward to you next one.