Woodland path; ink and graphite

kind of fun to use ink AND graphite to make a scene

and its a really beautiful scene , too. anyways, I enjoyed the technique. spent a lot of time this week thinking about how to better draw folliage. the ink study might be some more study- approaching the problem with a slightly different media


This is great. I love it.

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So detailed! Very impressive! Really beautiful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Beautifully done! Love it!

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Excellent job, Jason. Keep up the good work!

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Outstanding! To my shame, I never thought about combining these two mediums. What tools did you use for your ink? Fine liners? Did you lay down the ink first and then graphite?

I’m definitely inspired! Thanks for sharing!


First thank you to everyone. I really appreciate the compliments and to my eyes, well, I like this way of drawing and agree that it came out pretty good.

as far the technique itself, I learned of it elsewhere on the net- there was a tutorial on it- and it is nothing more than simply an ink drawing with graphite shading over it.

the tutorial used a brush pen- but I have fine liners and they worked well, so I’m not sure that the kind of pen matters much.

please do give it a whirl, its a fun way to draw. there’s no holding back when you do pen, cause every mark is permanent- so I think you have to remain a little flexible and let the way the marks happen influence the art.

anyways, I’m a n00b when it comes to ink- so I’ll stop with that. happy drawing.

Intriguing, would like to walk this path, the foliage is great