Inked Trees with a touch of watercolor

Hi Everyone, these tree studies are done on water color paper with Robert Oster, Ferris Wheel Press pen ink as well as highlights with Fintec watercolors. :blush:


I love these. I find the combination of inks and watercolor so dynamic. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much Patricia! Its so much fun combining mediums to see what you can end up with😊.

I love these! Great colors

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Wow! These are great!. Love them all.

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Thank you soooo much June​:blush::blush:

Thank you Denise, much appreciated :blush:

These are gorgeous! Love them!

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Thank you Lori, much appreciated :grin:

Wow, @Queeny107, very nice, especially love the sun peeking through the autumn colored tree in the middle, really brings it to life :+1:t2:

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Thanks Dave!!! :blush: greatly appreciate the kind words.

How did you get the blue speckled texture effect? I assume it was part of a lesson that I haven’t done yet?

Dave its actually Fine Tec watercolor and the way the light hits it over top of the ink. :wink:

I have sooo much to learn! I love painting in watercolor but it’s been many years since I worked with it. I’m working on graphite and colored pencils now, but am looking forward to picking up painting again.

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Thats great Dave! I just picked up drawing/art again after a 20+ hiatus just last year. So many different goodies out there to experiment with and enjoy. Looking forward to watching your adventure :blush:

Your trees are magical. I expected to see fairies flying around them.

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Thank you sooooo very much!! :hugs:

Beautiful! Gotta be honest- the purple one takes the cake, but theyre all so beautiful and ethreal!:heart_eyes:

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Thank, very fun little tree work up. The Fine Tec watercolors add a little pop😉