Inked Trees with a touch of watercolor

Hi Everyone, these tree studies are done on water color paper with Robert Oster, Ferris Wheel Press pen ink as well as highlights with Fintec watercolors. :blush:


I love these. I find the combination of inks and watercolor so dynamic. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much Patricia! Its so much fun combining mediums to see what you can end up with😊.

I love these! Great colors

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Wow! These are great!. Love them all.

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Thank you soooo much June​:blush::blush:

Thank you Denise, much appreciated :blush:

These are gorgeous! Love them!

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Thank you Lori, much appreciated :grin:

Wow, @Queeny107, very nice, especially love the sun peeking through the autumn colored tree in the middle, really brings it to life :+1:t2:

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Thanks Dave!!! :blush: greatly appreciate the kind words.

How did you get the blue speckled texture effect? I assume it was part of a lesson that I haven’t done yet?

Dave its actually Fine Tec watercolor and the way the light hits it over top of the ink. :wink:

I have sooo much to learn! I love painting in watercolor but it’s been many years since I worked with it. I’m working on graphite and colored pencils now, but am looking forward to picking up painting again.

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Thats great Dave! I just picked up drawing/art again after a 20+ hiatus just last year. So many different goodies out there to experiment with and enjoy. Looking forward to watching your adventure :blush:

Your trees are magical. I expected to see fairies flying around them.

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Thank you sooooo very much!! :hugs:

Beautiful! Gotta be honest- the purple one takes the cake, but theyre all so beautiful and ethreal!:heart_eyes:

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Thank, very fun little tree work up. The Fine Tec watercolors add a little pop😉

Lovely set of trees! I know you made them back on March, but just now came across them.
I’m both, overwhelmed and blown away by all the posts that I’ve already seen and the huge amount still to see! One wonderful thing after another!