First watercolor

I’ve seen some of Matt’s line and wash images and thought I would give one a try. I’ve never used watercolor before so this was an interesting experiment.


Unbelievable! The shine on all the fruit is nice, and did you use pen for the outlines? :smile: :clap:

Beautiful! Youre a natural!

Nice Job! Pen and ink and Watercolor is my favorite combination. Kind of a “DIY Paint By Numbers” with a bit of extra legroom built in.

Well, you did a wonderful job. Love it.

Very impressive for a first watercolor.


Thanks. I did use a pen for the outlines, yes.

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Thank you. I’m enjoying it.

I love the textures you achieved with the watercolour, especially on the orange. Wonderful piece!

Thanks. I’m enjoying learning how to do different things.

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Thanks for noticing. I had to experiment to get the texture I wanted. Nice that someone noticed.