Sketch of a river

Been meaning to do a drawing for a good bit recently and busyness has made that rather difficult.

so… late last night I had my chance and I took it! this is the result:

it came out OK I suppose.

BTW, I’m just about to become a member. somehow I WILL make the time to learn from Matt…;


Very nice. I like the how the water curves and the light at the back. Thank you for sharing!

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You will learn a lot from Matt. He is a great teacher. What you did hear is is great!

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Your sketch shows a lot of work. Good going.

Matt is the best and you’ll do wonderful things with his lessons.

I kinda like the way the lines on the top right are flowing and guiding the eye, but also the light part is the center of attraction…I see it all kind of guiding theeye around, but not so much on the left side…This would look really awesome in a watercolor or maybe an oil!

It’s a lovely composition. Keep at it!

thank you

I’ve done some oil painting… but I think this composition would be far more challenging then what I could do with brush (without a lot of practice). someday I do intend to branch out into something colorful; but I think that I will go for colored pencils first.

looking at this with fresh eyes- it seems different to me than after I first drew it.
I was looking at the reference image, then, and it definitely didn’t depict the same scene.

but I see NOW that there is perhaps a charm to it that I didn’t first see espacially in the center leaf mass. does this happen to you guys?

anyways, I don’t think I Should I take credit for it

it didn’t come out as a planned- but it still remains a serious drawing that represents where I’m at.

I appreciate your kind replies.