Color pencil new artist

Took a chance at drawing a horse. Since I’m new to color pencil art wanted to get some feedback/ pointers from more seasoned artists. Thanks


That’s stunning :scream: Really nice horse! Also, welcome to the forums! Jesus loves you!!!

I’m not seeing anything wrong with it or major things to change. It is a very nice work! The only thing I could suggest is a bit more burnishing on the shadow on the fence to fill in the tooth of the paper to remove all of the white. Use either a colorless blending pencil/marker/stump or a dark brown colored pencil over the darkest bits with a touch of fuzz blending shadow to fence, though at that distance it would still be a shape lined shadow instead of a fringe.

If that fails and seems too much work, maybe try some Odorless Mineral Spirits on a Q Tip to blend it in. Practice on colored pencil on scrap of same paper first to make sure it won’t mess it up.

I really love your drawing and maybe you‘re doing some more soon.

For better results you can go to Amazon and buy the zest it pencil blend, but you can also use like alcohol or nail polish, baby oil (but be careful with it) or any other solvents.
This will help you fill the tooth of the paper without the burnishing method and to loose to many pencils because you need them so often.

Anyway take your time and have fun drawing!

This is really nice. Nothing to correct, just using some of the pointers others have posted. Your proportions and color are great. Love the ‘glistening’ of the hair just below the eye. I really look forward to seeing more of your work.

Welcome and excellent job on this horse! I’ve made a few attempts at drawing horses and find them very challenging subjects.

Please take my comments with a grain of salt, as I’m a relatively new artist myself, and have no experience with colored pencils.

You did such a good job with the hair and texture overall and the horse feels very 3-dimensional, except for this area below:

It’s less noticeable when I step back, but that’s the area my eyes notices as not quite finished when I look at it up close.

I’m not sure if this would work with colored pencils, but maybe you can use black to darken some areas to create an improved sense of separation. That’s what I quickly attempted to do digitally here and while I think it’s subtle, it’s a slight improvement to my eye.

Again, excellent work! Looking forward to seeing more of it! :blush:

I cant believe youre new at colored pencils! It looks great! I think what @Migster had to say was really helpful and will adda lot of texture and demension to the piece though. Good job!

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Wow. Well done. Are you a new artist or new to colored pencils?