Coloured pencil course Apples

I’m new to this community!


I want to share the second drawing from coloured pencil course!

The most right shadow didn’t fully fit into the paper, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out:)

Any critique welcome!

Btw, I feel super intimidated to start my very own drawing…


That is a very good start, what a lovely picture!

I’m currently doing this course, too. It’s lots of fun. Don’t stress out if you can’t do your own stuff yet, you need to develop a visual library. Just try a sketchbook, don’t go for masterpieces just yet!

What I notice in your drawing (but I only started out myself, so I might not be the best to judge) is, that your background is way more vibrant. I think your apples could use more layers (especially the right one) or maybe your underpainting is fainter there? But by no means would I change anything if you are satisfied, that is the most important thing!

Looking forward to seing more of your artwork here. Oh and welcome to the community :heart: @Brigita


Thank you for your feedback!
I took a photo with a light source coming from the right side… I will share a better photo tomorrow!

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Hello @Brigita! Welcome to the TVI forum! So far so good! Your apples are really nice. I agree with @Jennilein about the intensity of the apples’ color. I might be wrong, and/or stating the obvious, but seems like you used prismacolor pencils. If so, when using the colorless blender it’s important that there are enough layers of color (wax) prior to blend or burnish. The colorless blender on top of the layers fills the tooth of the paper better, making the color more saturated or vibrant, as well as less streaky. It takes practice and patience to build it up to where you recognize when you have plenty of color layers. Keep trying. Here are pictures two of my “on my own” drawings of not enough layers vs patiently building more layers. I tried to “fix” the succulent drawing with odorless pencil blender liquid (i forget the name) and you can see the results haha.
The other candle drawing i made during thanksgiving day when everyone was watching football, which I don’t like.

Keep your posts coming!


Thank you for your feedback! Appreciated
Please, take a look I uploaded another photo as the first one I took with the light shining from the right. I’ll take one more in the natural light soon.

I used bruinzeel rijks museum pencils. That’s what I could get quickest, when I got the urge to try CPs. I don’t know what category they are in. They are pretty hard, I think. But it’s my first set of quality CPs, so I might be wrong. I got my colourless blender and burnisher yesterday, I was done with the drawing already.

However, I was hesitant or very careful with layers of apples. I wanted them to be translucent. Only when burnishing with mineral solvent I noticed that too much of white tooth was left… I used pastel paper, it’s toothy. I’m cautious to add more as I’m afraid to ruin the drawing…

What paper do you use? Which pencils?

I like both of your drawings. I like the succulant plant itself and the Christmas bauble- its blends in to the background beautifully and only light reflections give it away. You are so quick in drawing, it takes me ages…

I think they are great.

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The succulent attempt was on bristol vellum. The blurry background was a fail.
And Correction, that’s not the candle I did on thanksgiving. It was another one, that I can’t find. But the candle with the Christmas ornament is on canson miteintes. It took me longer than a four hour football game for sure…


Well stated Sonia. I totally agree with everything you stated for Brigita. The only thing I would add is that I really like your reflective red ornament and candle. (we’re our own worst critics).

Terri Robichon

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Hi Brigita - welcome to The Virtual Instructor community. We appreciate your participation.

I agree with previous statements that your drawing would have been stronger if you had more layers on your apples. Don’t worry about changing this drawing, just remember the tip for future colored pencil drawings.

My personal choice for colored pencils is Prismacolor or Faber-Castell (Polychromos). For paper most will agree the best for colored pencils or pastels is Pastelmat by Clairefontaine. It’s kinda expensive but really worth it if it fits in your budget. Otherwise just use what you have or can afford.

Terri Robichon