Coloured pencil course - so far

I just completed the exercise with the underpainting. I worked on bristol smooth (not a fan. Used it for the first time but it felt very weird) I currently have 14 polychromos and no solvent so I did a lot of manual layering to get this painterly look. To be honest I am very happy with the outcome. Feedback appreciated, we are all here to learn after all.


This is nice and I like the range of values. Keep posting.

Terri Robichon

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Hello Jennilein,

You did a beautiful job on these apples.

I too enjoy working with polychromos and do not use solvent. I enjoy working on multimedia paper. It takes a lot of layers but the final results I am always am happy with.

Matt does a good job introducing us to different surfaces with different brands of in this case-colored pencils, wax and oil.

I started with a few colors at a time when I first purchased polychromos and have tried others but always prefer the oil based so I slowly added the ones I would use as I went along.

Thank you for sharing your painting with colored pencils. Keep posting!



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I love the opportunity to work out of my comfort zone with different media (or is it mediums?). I had never done an underpainting so I was really surprised with the outcome. I love both wax and oil based pencils and I will definitely buy some more. In fact I went to our local art store today, but was quite disappointed with their offer, so I ended up buying no coloured pencils just a blender and new technical pens but I will find a store to order polychromos from…

I am also learning a lot about things I thought I knew like graphite but I can’t wait to dive into things like oil pastel.

Look at these delicious green apples on a complementary red background! So shiny–nice work on the reflections! :green_apple: :smile: :clap:

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So since it’s almost New Year, the still life from the coloured pencil course is a fitting subject.

I’m pretty happy with the reflection so far. I noticed the bottles are a little wonky, as I drew them freehand. I also noticed the neck is too long. I only noticed this once it was in colour.
Not my favourite subject as I usually “hate” still life, but I liked to work on the reflections and glass.
I worked with prismacolor (silver from polychromos) and bristol (still not a fan, don’t have bristol vellum currently). Well over 3 hours into the painting, this is my WIP. Like to hear your opinion on ways to improve.

Here is the glass - raised to this forum. I used more greys and also everywhere. I like my wine, not sure about the upper part of the glass though, towards the rim. And te labeled, finished bottle.


You are off to a great start for 2024!!

These bottles look great!


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Finished this today. I added some diagonal stripes with the silver, basically because it’s New year’s and because I never get to use the silver otherwise. Dunno if this was a good choice when it comes to composition?
I think I should have gone darker with the background. This is still sth I have to learn, going even darker. I always fear overdoing it, though… I only used the colourless blender, no solvent, for health and safety issues as mentioned before.
Looking forward to comments and critique…


You’ve inspired me to take a closer look at this course. And I’d really had fun doing these. I’ve learned so much about underpainting. I started off thinking “I can’t draw these bottles”.


That’s great, now you know you can draw the bottles after all, and I love the bottles and grapes, you nailed the local colour. I also loved the underpainting part, sth I would never have thought possible with coloured pencil.

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