Manet ‘The fifer boy’ - Polychromos pencil study

Watched some of the colour pencil drawing course videos and had an urge to try a colour pencil study. Never used the burnishing technique before or an underpainting for a pencil piece of work. Quite pleased how it turned out, although I may try the Turpenoid option too at some point. :thinking: There is a little bit too much of the paper texture showing for my liking. Would like to smooth it out a bit more.

Does anyone know if ‘Zest it’s Pencil Blend solution is the same as Turpenoid? @thevirtualinstructor


That is very beautiful, James. Such a good job. I don’t think there is too much paper showing through. It is great.

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Thank you Ginny, much appreciated. We are always our harshest critics I guess! :wink: I might try the blender solution on another study and see what result I prefer. Really enjoyed doing this.

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Yes, we are our own worst critics and, in my case, it does not bode well. LOL!

Actually, I like a little of the paper showing through. It is very painterly and ethereal. Just my sometimes humble opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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