Graphitint pencils

I just dug back into the archives to look for a Graphitint pencil lesson and found one I enjoyed. Its just ROCKS but Matt does a nice job hooking me with the possibilities. Its limited color selection has me wondering about ideas to try with my 12 pencil set . I’m thinking an old village or an industrial site.

Hi Tom,
I have Graphitint and also tinted charcoal pencils and have not really played around with either of them yet. I think I am intimidated! Good idea you have to try architecture. A European scene comes to mind. I have thought to use them in mixed media pieces along with more vibrant pastels, or maybe on top of a watercolor background. Good luck and enjoy!

Thanks for mentioning this!
I’m a bit obsessed with the different pencils offered by Derwent (great marketing strategy, by the way, Derwent :wink:) but so far I’ve only admired how nice they look in their box… Time to start using them!
Does anyone have any experience with the paint pan version? It looks interesting but I’m not sure if it’ll add anything to what to pencils can already do.